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Scale - High-tech manufacturing enterprise

The company covers an area of 74 mu in the first phase and 34 mu in the second phase

  • Mobile phone wireless charger products are still growing steadily. Since our company joined the Wireless Charging Alliance and became a Qi member, orders for mobile phone wireless charging transmitters, receivers, desktop wireless chargers, smart home wireless chargers and other products have been steady.
  • The demand for deep ultraviolet UVC LED disinfection products is increasing. In 2020, as the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, people began to have an urgent need for deep ultraviolet UVC disinfection and sterilization products. Following this, Zhengyao technology deep ultraviolet UVC disinfection and sterilization products were born.

Quality - International quality, trustworthy!

Authoritative qualification certification to ensure product quality stability

  • The products produced have passed various verification systems, and are equipped with a professional engineer team and service team;
  • Focus on product quality with the spirit of craftsmanship, focus on every detail, and ensure product quality.

Team - Have a professional technical team

Can provide customers with customized services

  • Following strict standards from production to sales, we are committed to providing customers with innovative products with independent intellectual property rights, providing efficient, fast and high-quality services, and striving to continuously supply customers with high-end products with market competitiveness.
  • According to customer requirements, we provide customized services for car phone chargers to meet more special needs.

Service - Perfect service system

There are dedicated after-sales service personnel to connect with customers

  • Complete after-sales service system, with professionally trained after-sales customer service.
  • ZhengYao has many engineers who have been in the industry for many years and a strong after-sales team, with professional production technology to provide customers with good service and consultation.
About Us
ShenZhen ZhengYao Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen ZhengYao Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. Its predecessor is Shenzhen Yupin Technology Co., Ltd., and is now a branch of Jiangxi Xinzhengyao. We are a comprehensive enterprise focusing on high-end mobile phone wireless charging accessories and deep ultraviolet UVC disinfection and sterilization products, integrating R&D, production, sales, brand promotion, engineering design, export trade, OEM, ODM collaboration and perfect services. Shenzhen Zhengyao Technology currently has two main businesses.
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